The Thief Named Ebola

My first piece is one which I created a while back when the outbreak of Ebola tore West Africa apart. The outbreak hit very close to home as one of the countries that became most affected by the outbreak was Sierra Leone. This is where my parents were born and I have many relatives who currently live there, so as you can imagine this was a very worrying time for me. I could not believe that a country I had visited just a few months prior to the outbreak, was being torn apart like this.

The Ebola Outbreak frustrated me deeply because I felt useless and as though I was unable to help. So I tried to transform my frustration into something much more positive. Thus, I put pen to paper and began to write. It was also at this point that my love and passion for Mama Africa became extremely apparent to me. Even though the Ebola Outbreak was a very negative situation, it fuelled within me a new passion for helping people all around Africa by uplifting them, educating them and ensuring that they are able to live a healthy life.

Here is my piece called ‘The thief named Ebola’: I hope you enjoy!

Dear Ebola,

You na ayampi (You are a thief). Why did you take more life than you can give? You broke many, destroyed many, crushed many and created a few but with no good intentions of course. Why oh why are you so cruel? You stole my brothers , my sisters , my aunties and my uncles and threw them all into your deep dark abyss. You stole them from me. You tore our homes apart, I already live in a shelter made of straw but you still chose to contaminate my shelter. I blame myself, you knew I was weak.

You laughed and taunted the elders in my village who didn’t believe in you or believe you existed. You said “You don’t want to hear?… Well then you must feel!”.

A year. 365 days, you continued to rob my younger brothers and sisters. You robbed them of their most valuable weapon, which you ironically knew would be enough to end your life! You robbed them of an education for a whole year. With your filthy hands you impregnated my sisters who were supposed to be in school and mercilessly left them with nowhere to turn. No money, no school, no shelter, no nurses, no family.

There have been so many rumors about how you were born. Some say you were created by the Western world to relieve the earth of some pressure, as there was not enough room for all of us. I heard you were created in a lab near my village, which shut down immediately as soon as they had learned of your escape. I even heard that our Sierra Leonean government were involved in your birth as they received “donations” to ensure that you were deemed an orphan at birth.

But Ebola guess what ?! I know your weakness. Whenever you emerged in the West you were defeated with ease… With my education I could have destroyed you faster than you can say thief. With well equipped hospitals and ambulances I could have destroyed you faster than you can say thief. Without all this you knew we were weak and that’s why you stole from us, to weaken us further.

Ebola, you na ayampi. But for now I’m glad that we have locked you in jail and thrown away the key!

Yours Sincerely,

YoungEducatedAfrican. ( a.k.a Your Worst Nightmare)

I hope you enjoyed this piece. I would love to hear any feedback, so feel free to leave a comment. If you enjoyed this, I would also really appreciate it, if you shared this with your friends and family.

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