Sweden’s Rising-Star Nápoles Releases New Single Circulate

Written for http://www.asbomagazine.com

Inhale… Exhale… You know that millisecond of peace and clarity that you feel once you finally exhale and let go of the tension that has been eating away at your shoulders? That’s the same feeling of peace and lucidity that Swedish rising-star Nápoles leaves us with whilst taking in her latest single, Circulate.

First of all, if you don’t know who Nápoles is yet, you need to pause whatever you’re listening to, search for Nápoles ‘Slowzy’, and thank me later. Not only is Nápoles an artist but she also makes up one-third of the amazing DJ and creative collective ‘Ladieslovehiphop’, who have opened up for some of your favourite artists such BeyoncéJay-Z and Sweden’s very own Silvana Imam. After the success of her debut single ‘Slowzy’ which was championed by the likes of BBC 1XTRA and Spotify, you would think Nápoles would rest there, but nope. Now she has hit us with her sensational new single, Circulate. 

‘Circulate’, co-written by Joe lefty, lyrically leaves you in limbo wondering whether Nápoles is flirting with the cosmos, or someone who could become her world. The slow, relaxed tempo of the beat reminds you to breathe, absorb and digest the moment you’re in. The single arrives at the perfect time, as it is all too easy to feel anxious, suffocated and find it difficult to take in the moment whilst we’re all confined to our homes. 

With her Cuban and Russian heritage, the Swedish star’s childhood creeps in through in her Jazz infused, hip-hop flowing, neo-soul sounds. It’s like a cool ocean of emptiness surrounds you, but you still feel the warmth of the blanket that is Nápoles’ voice surrounding you. It offers us an escape from reality, with its smooth yet lively vibe, which will be shown through her visuals that are set to debut on Complex on Thursday 14th May 2020.

Nápoles leaves us salivating for more. We can’t wait to hear what she does next with her debut EP ‘Slowin It’ that is set to bless our ears this summer.

Listen to Circulate here:

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