A creative, curious and candid story-teller who thrives off of creating fresh and captivating pieces for a wide array of audiences. I am a forward -thinking and innovative cultural content creator and blogger, who has a passion for changing lives through creativity, innovation and education. I currently create content for my own blog AFROSOPHY, on a wide array of topics from Mental Health to the Ebola epidemic.

Another love of mine is pop culture and social media; I have always excelled at roles that combine storytelling and social media. Having just finished my Masters in African Studies, I am now utilising my unique skill set and knowledge base to expand companies and brands reach, dialog and understanding of the world around us.

I also enjoy working on my digital skills, I have been teaching myself how to edit videos and how to use programmes like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign in order to create fascinating and compelling content. To further strengthen my digital skills, I took part in the Google Digital Neighbourhood Training, during which I learnt about social media planning, website creation and SEO/Ad words.

This also fuelled my love for digital marketing and communications; I was able to further develop my skill set to make me a more rounded and skilled individual aiding my freelance work greatly and making me an asset to my employer/future employers. I have since gone on to use my skills, knowledge and unique perspective to work on a variety of projects including grass root initiatives and privately commissioned pieces.

Let’s build something together.